"I Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you what a great job your cleaners did. We came home this evening and were so surprised and happy to see how nice everything looks when it's not covered in dust! Wonderful work!

Thank you so much!"

- Sam Holcomb


"Karyn and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the job your gals did. It seemed like every day we had an 'Oh, look they did this!' moment, kind of like finding the Hidden Mickey’s at Walt Disney World. The topper was the garage window. When we asked to have the windows washed, we never imagined they would do this one as well, given the heavy patina of dirt and spider webs that enveloped it. "

– Don Rybacki, Customer

"We walked in and our home smelled better than it had in years. That was the first thing we noticed. Our home looked beautiful! Everything shines from hardwood floors to stainless steel appliances. She did a very thorough job. We were amazed that she got some paint off our electric bases that had been there for years. We are very happy with your services. Thank you!"

– Theresa Oja, Customer

"Thank you, Wendy! If I don't talk to you before, have a great Thanksgiving! This year I am thankful for your cleaning business ;)"

– Jaime Harrington, Customer

"This is just an expression of thanks for the great work you and your team did.  I feel really good about being here and not regretting all the work I was facing each day.  You took care of that, so I thank you."

– Marlys Roberts, Customer

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how pleased we are with our experience with you and Spotless Results!
We had our floors done today (as a last "before baby arrives" project) and we are so happy with the job done. It helped me feel more prepared and completely ready for our baby, and I felt so happy when I got back home to see shiny, cleaned floors :). We will be using your services in the near future again and will spread the good word."

– Tricia Valiquette, Customer

"I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the fantastic job you did Monday at our home. I was really impressed with how quick but thorough you were. That's time I was able to spend with my kids instead of doing some of the more deep cleaning (windows, stove, fridge, cabinets). Everything looks amazing and I will definitely be calling you again"

– Jacquie Thomas, Customer

"Wendy does a fantastic job with our house cleaning and we appreciate how dependable she is. Never have to worry about her showing up or getting the job done in a thorough manner. We first used her after we built an addition to our house and had a lot of post construction mess. We used her “top to bottom package”, to get started, and it was well worth it. Now we have her come every two weeks, and she always does an excellent job. Our dogs think she’s top notch as well and she never minds that they follow her around trying to help."

– Patrick St. Germain, Customer

"Wendy's wonders are coming today - Hip hip hip Hooray!"

– Judy Farrell, Customer

"You folks are AMAZING! I could not be happier with the job you did yesterday. I could not find one thing wrong! I cannot believe you even cleaned my toaster. Please feel free to use me as a reference ANYTIME!"

– John Frick, Customer

"I would highly recommend Spotless Results for your commercial cleaning. Wendy’s attention to detail and hard work ethic shows every time. We started using Wendy and her crew when we moved into to a larger location and we needed someone that cares about the presentation of our clinic as much as we do.  She does a fantastic job. She is very professional and dependable.  She will always go the extra mile to ensure that your business looks its best. Because if we shine so does her company."

– Joni Tripp, Customer

"We've been using Wendy of Spotless Results to clean our business facility for almost three years. In that time she's proven, again and again, what a smart business decision it was to hire her! She's dependable, efficient, thorough, and leaves our place truly "spotless" - and she does it all with a smile on her face. What a pleasure it is to work with her - she's a true professional. We're proud to have Wendy working with us and recommend her highly."

– Tom Swick, Swick Plumbing & Heating

"Wendy and her crew do an incredible job cleaning my office. Spotless Results is the perfect description.  They attend to detail, cleaning thoroughly and carefully.  I have never had someone more efficient and reliable do my cleaning.  I’ve also appreciated her flexibility in working around my schedule.  Most importantly, she is very respectful of confidentiality issues related to cleaning a business.  We can always count on Wendy to show up when she’s supposed to and lock up when she leaves."

– Maggie MacDevitt, Psychologist, Affiliated Psychotherapy Center

"My only hesitancy in writing a testimonial of Wendy's work is that some Big Business Hot Shot will offer her an incredible full-time occupation and there I go–I will have lost the best house cleaner I have ever known.  Since I once cleaned homes, I know what I am talking about.  Sometimes (she doesn't know this till now) I check the woodwork to see if she really did get the trim over the door or behind the tub. Never fails – She has been there and did it. The second most desirable quality that Wendy possesses is her dependability. In the couple of years she has serviced our house, I do not believe she has missed one week.  I arrange visiting company around Wendy's schedule because I can count on her to be there. "

– Laura Petrie, Customer

"I have utilized Spotless Results services on a few occasions with post construction clean up, and for clients who moved out of the area and need their home cleaned after leaving. Spotless Results on all occasions exceeded my expectations, and provided a great environment for my open house or for the new clients moving in. I recommend their service to all my clients."

– John A. Driver ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate Broker

"We have used Spotless Results post construction cleaning services for the past three years and have been very pleased with the quality of work and the results from them. We contacted Wendy and explained what the job entailed and our expectations and how these jobs are time sensitive. We were amazed when her staff was there within 3 hours of our initial call. The home was clean and ready for the homeowners to return to their home the following day. What a peace of mind to know that Wendy and her crew were there for us when we needed her. I would recommend Spotless Results to anyone who wants a reliable, high quality efficient cleaning company."

– Pete LaRue, Swick Plumbing and Heating

"I used Spotless Results post-construction cleaning services to assist me with my busy schedule as a local builder.  I was pleasantly surprised when they offered to work the weekend to help me stay on task.  The homeowners were able to enjoy their clean home, and I was able to move on to the next job without missing a beat.  Now that's service!  I will use Spotless Results again without any hesitation."

– Tod Pentecost, Tod Pentecost Builders

"Wendy has been cleaning our home for six years now and we have always been very pleased with her work. She is reliable and cleans thoroughly while paying attention to detail. We always look forward to seeing her!"

– John and Brett Bartlett, Customers

"I just figured it out! When I came home after Spotless Results finished my home this week, I figured it out. The reason I absolutely adore having them come to my home is that, "EVERYTHING IN MY HOME IS SHINING AT ONCE." I just cannot express how happy I am for finally deciding to have someone help me by cleaning my home. It's an absolute joy. I work up to 60 hours a week, so now when I AM home, I am enjoying my home instead of it calling to me constantly "you should be cleaning meeeee." It's the smartest thing a professional can do. Face it, you just cannot do everything!!! Remember.... you do whatever it is you do best.... so let Wendy and her team do what THEY do best... you'll wish you had done it sooner! I have to tell you also my husband's first impression when he arrived home the first day after Wendy had come to our home. He called me and said, "You'd better come home. WOW! I'm afraid to touch anything!"
P.S. Wendy's also fabulous with our dog - which was a major hurdle for me. I can feel confident that all is well. Thank you so much Wendy!!!!!"

– Liz and Bill Grill, Customers

"As a working mother with two active kids in sports, I do not know how I would do it all without the help of Wendy. She has been cleaning for me for many years, does a great job, and is always reliable. In all the years we have been working together, she has never called to cancel the day of her coming to my house. I always know I can rely on her. I hope to be lucky enough to continue working with Wendy for many years to come."

 – Kristy Sibilsky, Customer

"Wendy Finkbeiner (owner of Spotless Results) has cleaned our office for the past 7 years. She has always been conscientious and dependable while providing excellent service."

– Gregg Sutherland DDS, Wright Street Dental

"Spotless Results employees are conscientious, courteous, trustworthy and reliable. It's a pleasure to walk into a clean house; I always feel that it is money well spent."

– Pish Cianciolo, Customer