Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning


For those who prefer to move away from products that contain VOC’s Spotless Results offers green cleaning. Do yourself, your family, and the environment a favor, ditch the toxic cleaning supplies and go green.

Spotless Results can help you with your green cleaning needs, with a little help you can give your families or your employees a much healthier life. We will clean your home or business exactly the way you want it done. Customize your green cleaning to fit your budget and cleaning needs.

Are You Ready to Experience an Eco-friendly Green Clean?

Yes, times have changed, that’s an understatement. Many families don’t have time to sit down at the table and eat a meal together. The average person is working 50-60 hours a week at their place of employment. Having someone clean your home for you can not only be smart, economical and time-saving, but many benefits can be realized too, add time back into your schedule, get inspired and be more productive or eliminate stress because your house is clean and organized.

  • Our green-cleaning products and services includes eco-friendly, Green Seal approved chemicals with no dangerous fumes.
  • Some of our cleaning products are purchased from a local co-op where healthy education standards are held high and buying local is their focus.
  • We use the best microfiber cleaning products available. These microfiber products offer a revolutionary, eco-friendly way of cleaning.